I Can't Feel My Face

Down For Whatever

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Praise for
I Can’t Feel My Face

“Insightful and self-deprecating. The outcome of the ultra-cartoonish pop culture of the 90s [as told by] a turn of the century Wi-Fi obsessed wild child— always on the hunt for his next fix.” —L.A. Canvas

“Brilliantly and unabashedly describes the most fucked up and vulnerable details of his life […] in an anything-goes, Adderall-induced rhythm that is dizzy with intrigue.” —LadyGunn

Praise for
Down For Whatever

“A collection of visceral, unrestrained, and self-reflective poems and blog posts that capture the confusion and chaos of youth." —i-D Magazine

"Kris Kidd is fucked up, but he might just be the only writer/poet/thinker/badass that can turn young people back onto poetry." —Paper Magazine

"At a glance, he's a modern day Sedgwick: fragile and exploited before the social media masses. A tilt of the head, and he's a digital Kerouac: vicious in his wordplay and well aware of his actions." —Glassbook Magazine

Praise for

“Kidd digs deeper into his psyche than ever before, giving readers a monstrous glimpse into his inner world. Heavy on insight and light on apologies, the column is an intimate portrait of the young author’s experience with depression and self-destruction.” —Office Magazine

“His shameless style of confessional writing evokes a bruise, so painfully funny and self-deprecatingly sincere that it feels as though we aren’t even supposed to be reading it.” —Huffington Post